Work In Progress

This is where you'll be able to keep tabs on my progress, and you'll be able to see how I flit from one thing to another. The word counts are estimates only. The final stories may end up more or less than what I've envisaged depending on how they pan out.

Division 10 Series - Novella One (formerly Pandora's Box)
Status: Second edit; slated for release in December 2013

Vigilante (New series)
Status: Plotting and scene development; first novella due for release January 2014

 Eli Crane
Status: In progress

The Pertwhistle Project
Status: In progress

Saved by the Belle
Status: Completed - anthology folded, so this will now be expanded into a novella

The Space One (working title)
Status: Plotting and character and scene development

The Letter (New)
Status: Idea development

Quinn & Luke (working title - 2011 Nanowrimo novel)
Status: Plotting and scene development

Amy's Rest
Status: Back to plot-planning and scene-development

Messengers (working title)
Status: Plot-planning and scene development